Procrastinate on Purpose Webinar

 And New York Times Bestselling Author Rory Vaden

Presents a free video training: 5 Ways To Multiply Your Time

Discover How the Greatest Leaders in the World Think Differently about Time!

Time is the one thing you can’t get more of… or is it?

Rory Vaden, international bestselling author of Take the Stairs, and his team at Southwestern Consulting™ have devoted several years to answering one question: 'How do the highest-performing people in the world think about time?' 

After working with over 3,000 professionals, from 35 countries, they’ve discovered top-performers operate in an entirely different realm regarding “time management.” They call these top-performers “Multipliers” due to their ability to create more time by focusing on doing things today that will give them time tomorrow. 

This groundbreaking research will be released in Rory’s new book, Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permission to Multiply Your Time. 

You can now get access to a free 1-hour training by Rory!

In this FREE Training you will learn: 

  • The “5 Permissions” you must give yourself so you can have more peace, reduce stress and get more done in less time
  • How to multiply your time by investing time in things today that will give you more time tomorrow (backed by real life case studies).
  • Why time management is not just logical; it's emotional. And how to take control of fear, worry and guilt so you can make better decisions.
  • How to make decisions based not only on Importance and Urgency but also on Significance (if you learn this it will literally change your life!).
  • Why "prioritizing" (aka 2-dimensional thinking) will never create more time. And how to embrace 3-dimensional thinking about time.
  • The world has changed, yet most people still use old time management strategies from the late 1980s that fail to help them NOW. 

Who is Rory Vaden?

Rory's first book,Take the Stairs, is a #1 Wall St Journal, #1 USA Today, and #2 New York Times bestseller that has been translated into 11 different languages. Rory is also the Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting™, a multimillion dollar global consulting practice that helps clients in 35 countries drive educated decisions with relevant data. 

Additionally, as the founder of the Center for the Study of Self-Discipline (CSSD), his insights on improving self-discipline, overcoming procrastination and enhancing productivity are regularly featured in major media. 

His blog articles and insights average more than 4 million views every month and he hosts The Action Catalyst Podcast which is a top 25 business news podcast designed for “movers and shakers in the world of business.™”